Pro-Choice Rally’s: Good for More than a Free Hanger

About a week ago I engaged in something I do ever three years (triannual), I went to a protest. I did the women’s march back in 2016 but missed due to illness, weather, and going to Nepal (guys I went to Nepal!). I know lame excuses, but here we are.

So I went to a protest against the abortion laws that have recently passed in various states. Abortion wasn’t an issue I cared about until recently. I didn’t vote based on candidates views on the issue, since it seemed pretty decided, until now. I don’t want to go on a tangent on why abortion should be legal, but my points are they’ll happen regardless so they might as well be safe. It’s a personal decision so the government should stay out of it. If we want to call a clump of cells human than there are so many other laws that need to be changed besides abortion laws so why aren’t we working on those too?

I really liked the protest and it reminded why I like protests so much, but unfortunately rarely attend. It’s inspiring to see so many people come together for a common cause. It really gives hope in these crazy times.

I get to see liberal old white men, which is exciting, probably because they’re rare. Seeing an old guy holding a super liberal/borderline socialist sign is so inspiring. The old white man usually seems pretty at home so you realize he’s been doing this since his hippie days.

I also love the communist literature. As a Sociologist, it’s pretty nostalgic to read how everything wrong with society is a tool used to keep the working man/woman down. Even when it gets far fetched.

The signs at protests are amazing! People are so darn creative with their catch phrases and whatnot. I’m just not there but at least get a hanger out of pity to have something to hold up.

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