31 A Year for Fun: A Prime of My Life

I turned 31 10 days ago. I’ve always loved my birthday (as a child it was regularly the last day of school) and I’ve always been a pretty reflective person. So naturally, every year, on the night before my birthday, as my mom would put me to bed I’d ask if she thought I’d like myself when I was the next year old. She always said yes and laughed off the question, but this was a serious concern for me. Would I like who I became as I got older?

I found myself reflecting on that this year as my birthday approached. I came to the realization that I had actually, really, been doing this reflecting since s bit before I turned 30. It makes sense. Milestone birthdays should make you do that where have I come from and where am I going sort of thing. I also had some life events both good and bad that caused a lot of reflection, read a bunch of memoirs, all that great stuff. The question was not will I like me as I get older but would younger me approve of who I’ve become. I know, dangerous question.

My conclusion was essentially more or less yes. Some things you realize just aren’t going to work. Since I hated college biology being a zoologist wasn’t going to be a good option, stuff like that. The few areas me I wouldn’t have been able to reasonable explain to me as a kid (I was a very easy child to reason with, for real) I was actually already working on. They aren’t all small things, but they can be changed.

Overall who I am is who I want to be (as Reba would say). I care about others. I’m close to my family. I have an amazing group of friends. I pray daily. I’ve traveled a bunch. I’ve seen Mt. Everest! I still love animals. In fact I spent this birthday with some penguins! See photographic evidence below.

So I’m done reflecting for a bit and have decided it’s time for some fun! I’ve decided to do 12 smallish things this year that I think will be fun. I’ll definitely do some big fun stuff, but I wanted to focus on smaller things that I will enjoy. Either something I’ve never done, but have always wanted to do, or something I used to do but haven’t in a while. I initially wanted to do 1 a month but I’ve got a lot going on in June and I literally do not think I can squeeze another thing in. Anyway I’ll post all about them here, so enjoy my year of fun!

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