31 A Year for Fun: Silent Disco

Hi All!

Last week I did the first of 12 of the smallish fun things I plan on doing this year. I have a list of slightly more than 12 activities, but this one wasn’t on the list. It came upon it by happenstance.

Last weekend was the Taste of Chicago, which is a great event in the city where a bunch of restaurants put up booths and you can try all different kinds of food. It’s great! You can try food from all over the world in just a few blocks. The event has pretty big bands (like Weezer) you can see for free.

My sister and I knew we were going on Saturday and realized there would be a silent disco. We both have heard of it before and decided it would be fun! If you don’t know a silent disco is a dance where they have a DJ, or DJs in this case playing music, much like a normal dance, but everyone is listening on headphones. So if you don’t have headphones on you hear nothing. Assuming I understand how to upload things you should be able to see in the video below.

It was pretty crazy! We did a lap around trying to find the headphones and it was so weird to watch. At one point they were almost all doing the electric slide, but again, I heard no music. We then got our headphones and started dancing! The headphones had 3 different stations, one for each DJ. Your headphones lit up a certain color based on what you were listening to. So if you saw someone rocking out you could see they were on the Blue station and switch yourself to that. Interestingly enough, the most popular station seemed to be what I would define as wedding reception music.

Right away everyone started this dance circle with various people getting in the middle, but the weird part was we were not all listening to the same thing! So weird to dance to your beat when someone else is dancing to a completely different beat.

Anyway, the circle broke up, as they tend to do, and we all started dancing in our own groups. I really liked the color system since if you felt like your music wasn’t that great you could look around and see who looked like they were feeling their music and switch to that. You could also not dance to the same music as the rest of your group. Finally, when the YMCA was on, I decided to intentionally switch but still dance along when everyone else did cause I could!

One final note, below is a picture of me by Buckingham Fountain looking incredible! Before you ask, yes that is a romper/ jumpsuit. Yes, it is hella comfortable. And yes, it does have pockets!!

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