31 A Year For Fun: Be Ariel

Longtime fans of the blog will know that I love holidays, and Halloween is definitely in my top 3! My favorite part of Halloween is the costumes. This year’s Halloween was very special because I went to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Now, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party has been on my sisters bucket list for years, and this year we finally did it. The whole trip was awesome and will inspire many blog posts in the weeks to come, but today I want to talk about being Ariel at the party.

The Halloween party is the one time a year that adults can dress up at Disney World. So I decided to take full advantage and be my favorite Disney character Ariel. I have loved The Little Mermaid since before I can remember, but have never been her for Halloween.

Despite the fact that I was less than a year and a half old when it came out, I actually saw The Little Mermaid in theaters. Legend has it, the prior summer, my Grandparents had to pick up my sister early from day camp. The day camp was at a movie theater watching a screening of The Jungle Book. My Grandparents were also watching me. We went to the theater to pick her up but we’re early, as this was my Grandparents M.O. Anyway, the guy at the theater said we could go in, but Grandma said no, thinking I’d not be quiet (which was a decent bet). Eventually, as the guy kept insisting, she relented and I was mesmerized (much to Grandma’s shock)!Grandma told my Mom and I got to see The Little Mermaid when it came to the theater that fall.

I was obsessed! I had Little Mermaid everything: clothes, birthday parties (yes, multiple years), sheets, drapes, dolls, and books. That love has never died. Is the story technically about a girl who literally gives up her voice for a man? Yes. Is it also about a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it despite what others tell her? Yes! Are we going to focus on the latter? Yes!!

Anyway, due to the revealing nature of the costume, I’d always been a little scared to do Ariel, but as mermaid everything is a thing now, it was easy to put the costume together. My friend has a cricut machine (thanks Amy) which is essentially a machine that makes custom iron-ons and made the shirt. I got the leggings online. It looked so good, one kid did think I was the real deal!

I had a blast at the party! I got to ride The Little Mermaid ride (highly recommend and there surpassingly no line), see my main man Eeyore in costume, and see the best fireworks display I have ever seen at Disney (this was only my 3rd time but still).

Fitting with the nautical theme, it actually poured for a good chunk of the night but I was Ariel so I’m fine with the water. Also like Ariel I was wishing for legs that are required for jumping, dancing and so on. I re-injured my foot, which I broke a few years ago, giving me a lovely piece of footwear for the trip! See pic below. Despite that I had a wonderful time and am glad I finally got to be Ariel!

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