31 A Year for Fun: Pilot the Millennium Falcon

As you know from my last post, I was recently at Disney. The trip was great, and in fact, let me hit several things on my path to do 12 fun things while being 31. Today I’m going to talk about piloting the Millennium Falcon!

If I’m being truly honest, the majority of the reason why I wanted to go to Disney was the new Star Wars area. I love Star Wars, like my father before me. The idea of going inside Stars Wars whilst helping my sister cross off a bucket list item was a win-win. Star Wars is a new area at Disney and it only had one ride open, Smugglers Run, where you and other riders take the Millennium Falcon on a smuggling trip. The cool part is what you do affects the ride. You can, and if you’re me will, in fact crash the Millennium Falcon into an asteroid!

First of all, the whole area is incredible! You feel like you are in the movies! There’s almost too many photo ops. There’s droids, speeders, TIE fighters, and the greatest hunk of junk in the Galaxy, who did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs (even though a parsec is a unit of distance not time so that makes no sense), the Millennium Falcon. There were also Storm Troopers patrolling the area!

We were very lucky that the line was less than an hour, but honestly the line itself is incredible! Not only do you have amazing views of the Falcon herself while you wait, but, there’s cargo that you can pretend to move to help the Resistance/photo op, there’s incredible details in the line area like what looks like rust, oil leaks, and controls. When you finally get to the end, you can even sit at the table in the Falcon, but sadly no chess set.

There’s 6 people per ride and we were a group of 6, so perfect! There were 2 pilots, 2 gunners, and 2 engineers. My dad and I insisted we pilot and, as I would have been angrier than a Wookiee losing chess if I were not a pilot, no one stopped me. Dad insisted on sitting in Hans spot, so I was the right pilot.

Throughout the ride I had to move the Falcon up and down while Dad moved it left and right. Again, we could crash! Occasionally directions would be given to us, for example, right pilot punch it into hyperdrive. Which I did! Once successfully and once unsuccessfully, which was honestly more exciting because I got to say it’s not my fault because it wasn’t. On our way back from smuggling cargo we obviously got caught in an asteroid field, which thankfully no one told me the odds of successfully navigating. Dad and I more or less successfully navigated it, though we did hit a few asteroids including one that hit us on top. So, I got to say it’s not my fault, even though it was. The point is I was basically Han Solo! We damaged the Falcon a bit but after repairs we still walked out ahead. Our group celebrated at an incredibly realistic looking cantina at 11am for a drink.

Bonus! See below for Chewie himself thanking us for our hard work and Vader trying to intimate me, but me taking none of his nonsense because I remember when he was an incredibly hot but incredibly emo teen (These were honestly the two best characters I have ever met at Disney).

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