Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Stopping the Spread of Covid-19 Everywhere

As I write this I am less than 24 hours away from being fully vaccinated! On May 3rd, (yes, Polish Constitution Day) at 8:54 am it will be 2 weeks after my second shot, giving me full immunity from the Rona! To quote Uncle Nicky from This is Us, “I got vaccinated twice.” Also, if you’d like to read my long unnecessary tangent on This is Us see the bottom of this post.

For those of you who haven’t gotten your second shot yet, some warning, yes, the side-effects will suck. I found the actual jab hurt the second time, but not the first. I was completely exhausted within about 2 hours. I had a headache, was very cold, a little achy, and had a fever for about an hour the second day. I felt much better by the 3rd day, but have experienced some swollen lymph nodes. Now, the fun thing about the Covid shot, is that much like Covid, the symptoms can be anything, from fever and chills to nausea, to joint aches, to muscle pain, you name it it’s a side effect. So be on the look out for anything to go wrong, and stay hydrated. Obviously, you should still get the shot, because two days of feeling blah, is worth not getting Covid, knowing that you are protecting your loved ones, and helping the world open up again.

Some pro tips, if you can take the day of and the day after your shot off, you should. Pick some movies you’d like to watch and have yourself a fun day on the couch. I finally watched the final two Avengers movies. (Side note, why couldn’t Chris Pratt keep it together and not slap Thanos. We could have avoided the snap and saved Black Widow and Iron Man. I know Dr. Strange said there’s only one scenario they saw where they won, but I have to believe it’s because he saw no scenario where Chris Pratt wasn’t an idiot). If you are a manager, don’t decide that your staff needs to log in on the day of their shot, despite their taking PTO, to do the annual sexual harassment training that isn’t actually due that day. Just chill and let your team chill when they get their shot.

So now that full immunity is upon me, I have to begin the arduous process of returning to the world. It’s exciting, its scary, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’m completing dreading it. I’m the last person in my family to get vaccinated, so we’ll all be immune. We’re celebrating by going to eat at the patio of a restaurant. We haven’t really eaten out since March 2020. It’s going to be a baby steps situation. I have a dental appointment on the 4th, so that’s another time out. I’m planning some other minor stuff like going to the store to make a purchase.

It’s weird to think that now I can start doing all the things I’ve been putting off. I have a little bit of social anxiety, so not having to do things call and make appointments and meet strangers has been nice. It’s pretty scary to start doing that again. We’ve spent more than a year telling ourselves that being anywhere indoors that wasn’t our home was dangerous. All of the sudden it’s not and it’s going to be an adjustment.

My Long and Unnecessary Tangent on This is US

I’m fine with the fact that Uncle Nicky really wasn’t dead all these years. It was an exciting plot twist, helped Kevin connect with another family member who suffers from alcoholism, showed that Super Dad Jack Pearson, was in fact not perfect, and highlighted the mental health and other issues our veteran’s face. I don’t get the point of making it so that Randall’s birth mother didn’t die giving birth to him. It just doesn’t seem plausible. When she is revived, neither she, the paramedics, nor the cops lets William know the mother of his child is alive. She goes to prison rather than call her rich father who could get her the help she needs. She never once writes William. Then, when Randall learns all this he just feels that his mother loved him. Good for him, but I don’t know how anything she did constituted love.

But I’m really here to talk about Miguel. I’m fine with Miguel in theory. I think it’s nice that Rebecca can grow old with someone who knew her for most of her life. It’s kind of sweet. My problem is with the actual person Miguel. The writers spent too much time making young Miguel look like a jerk. The Goofus to Jacks Gallant. Young Miguel cheats on his wife and kind of wants Jack. Young Miguel tries to convince Jack that he should golf on the weekends instead of spend time with his children, because Miguel hates spending time with his children. The writers then gaslight us and talk about how Miguel golfed to make better sales, nope, he never talks to Jack about improving sales when mentioning golf, he talks to Jack about how awful having a family is. Miguel’s adult children refuse to have much of a relationship with him. He goes off on them at one point about how he’s tired trying with them. Their your kids bro, you never should stop trying.

Older Miguel is a good husband to Rebecca, but other than that a jerk. When Jack dies he helps around the house, which is nice, but maybe like try to repair your relationship with your children. He regularly complains about how he doesn’t feel like he’s a part of the family. Well maybe if you didn’t tell your step kids dad to spend less time with them they’d like you more. Also, don’t have a group text where you bitch about your step kids with their spouses. That’ is shady AF!

Finally, but possibly most importantly in my heart there’s Pilgrim Rick. Now, Pilgrim Rick is a Pearson Family Thanksgiving tradition where their dad would dress up like Pilgrim Rick and tell them the story of Thanksgiving. After he dies, his sons rotate taking turns portraying Pilgrim Rick. The sons don’t get along so I feel like developing a rotational schedule was a lot of work for them. Miguel wants to be Pilgrim Rick, taking something his steps sons do to connect them to their father and take it away. He doesn’t ask himself, because he’s a punk, he gets his wife to ask her sons to abandon their well thought out rotating schedule so Miguel can put on the hat and tell the story. If you think you’re worthy of being Pilgrim Rick at least have the stones to ask yourself. So in conclusion, Miguel is not great. If the writers want us to like him stop pretending like he was always a great guy and showing him putting in the work to improve himself, at the very least a montage of him in therapy.

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