I Followed the Rules, So I Don’t Understand Why I Still Have To Do This

Hi All, It’s been a bit. I was, probably like you, spending my summer slowly but surely getting back out in the world again. Eating at an outside patio, eating indoors (gasps!), seeing family and friends in real freaking life. I went on vacation. I got on a plane (clutches pearls!). I met new babies of the human and fur variety. It was wonderful!!

Now there’s Delta and I’m angry. I got optimistic and perhaps thought we were out of the woods. I thought people would just keep getting vaccinated and cases would keep going down. Obviously I was mistaken. I’m angry, because, this didn’t need to be so bad. I’m angry, because, the misinformation still out there is still insane. I’m angry, because, I know kids under 12 who have to go to school in person with cases higher than they’ve been in months. I’m angry, because, I’d really just like to meet my coworkers! I’m angry, because, I’d like to be able to do all the things I did in February of 2020 without potentially contributing to a situation that’s killed about as many Americans as the Civil War. I’m angry because we’re having the same fights we’ve had for a year and a half and there’s no end in sight. I’m angry because I can’t move on.

I did all the things. I stayed at home. I wore a mask. I delayed so many things. I had meh versions of every single holiday because that was the right thing to do. I drove half way across the city to get my shot as soon as I was able to.

We were told it would get better once we all got vaccinated and it’s not. This isn’t because the shots don’t work. It’s because enough people decided they didn’t need to get vaccinated, so we didn’t hit that glorious herd immunity, so Delta took hold. This was not necessary.

I think it’s almost harder now because we had a taste of freedom. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel only to realize we were just heading into another tunnel. I realized how much I lost this past year and I don’t want to lose it again and really I don’t need to.

I don’t mind putting a mask back on. It was never really 100% off anyway. I also don’t plan (at this point) of being as isolated as I was pre-vaccine. But the fear that I might have to again is still there. Last winter was one of the darkest winters of my life and I don’t want to have to go through that again. Does anyone?

We’ve always had a choice to turn things around with Covid. So, let’s actually freaking take it. Let’s wear our masks regardless of vaccination status, as a fully vaccinated person can spread the delta variant as easily as a non-vaccinated person. Let’s actually care about the children (I hear they’re our future). Let’s do unto others as we would have them do unto us (I think my boy JC said something similar).

I know those of you reading this are probably already doing the things, so keep trucking! I do have to think this will one day come to an end. Until then, stay safe!

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