31 A Year for Fun: Tell A Story

Hi All! I’ve been meaning to post about this for literally months, and due to the state of the world, now have the time to do it. Stay inside and enjoy!

I’ve performed a fair amount in my life. In elementary school, I took part in the yearly school plays and church Christmas pagents. As I got older, I joined band and performed in countless concerts. In high school, I continued with both band and theater and continued with band through college. After college, work, life, etc. got in the way and I stopped performing. I realized that I missed it. Last spring, my friend performed at a storytelling event and I loved it. The event was a group of regular people, telling stories from their lives. I laughed, I cried, I thought about things. I decided to sign up to perform one myself.

There’s apparently a huge wait list, because I didn’t perform until December. I forgot when I agreed to do December, just how stressful that month is. In addition to getting ready for the holidays, I was dealing with a very intense work deadline that we had to meet in order to get re-accredited, whilst being short staff. So it was more work than I thought to get a story together.

A week before the event, we had to meet to workshop our stories with the other performers. I was way more nervous than I thought I was going to be. I almost didn’t go, which is very unlike me. But I did and it was a super nice process and got some good constructive feedback, which I then incorporated despite the looming intense work deadline.

I need to give a huge shout-out to my sister/roommate, who listedn to me perform the story almost every day for a week and then went to the performance to see the finished product, without one compliant!

The day of the performance, I was once again incredibly nervous, again seriously considered not going, but again was glad I did it. Luckily, I was first. I always hated going first in school presentations (3rd was my sweetspot), but was actually thrilled to be going first, as I could enjoy the remaining performances and not stress about my own story. I think the performance went really well and once the world calms down a bit will be looking for more opportunities to do this.

There was no script, as I did it from memory. So below is a close approximation of what I remember performing. The overall moral of my story (in addition to just being a way to talk about the fact that I went to Nepal!) was that things will all work out if you just wait. I hope and pray that is true for our time now. Enjoy!

So I was standing on a cliff in Nepal waiting for my turn to paraglide and I was nervous. Waiting had kind of been the theme of the trip so far. The 125ish mile trip from Kathmandu to Pokhara, where we currently were, took about 8 hours where we had nothing to do but wait in the car. The paragliding trip was supposed to start at 9, so naturally, our instructors didn’t come until 11.

I’ve never really liked waiting and I found myself in a very waiting time in my life outside the trip. I hated my job and was waiting for the right job to hire me. My Grandma died recently and I was waiting emotionally as I worked through that grief. So all this waiting was a little tough for me.

When our instructors had finally arrived at the hotel, they piled the 5 of us and the 5 of them in an SUV. To fit us all in there, they moved the seats to face sideways. I was crammed in the back with our super cool instructors. They were all about 20 and used way more American slang than I had ever seen outside of a movie. They talked about how awesome it was going to be, and they’d be taking pictures of us with their GoPro cameras the whole time and we’d land by this awesome lake.

When we got to the mountain, they told us to leave everything in the van. I took my phone with me incase I wanted to take pictures while we waited, but left my purse with my wallet and passport in the van. As we walked up the mountain, one by one we went to our instructors launching area.

My instructor was not one of the super cool guys, which I was kind of greatful for. He was in his 30s or 40s, which gave me comfort, since he had lived long enough to hit that age, he must be good at his job. There were a lot of people on the mountain, so we had to wait a while. After I got harnessed, my instructor gave me the instructions for take off. He said, “I’ll say walk, and you walk, I’ll say run, and you run, the mountain will end, but you keep running, I’ll say sit, and then you sit back in the harness and don’t have to do anything until landing.” While we waitied, he pointed out whenever someone who was taking off before us did it wrong. This made me even more nervous as I would not only have to run off a mountain, but I could do it incorrectly.

While we waited, I watched all my friends take off. It was finally our turn, and I walked, ran, and sat correctly! Paragliding was not the extreme sport I thought it would be. It was very peaceful. I could one way and see the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas. If I looked another way, I could see a lake. If I looked down, I could see forest, and birds. If I looked straight ahead, I could see a rainbow of other parachutes in the sky.

My peace died down a bit as we got ready to land as we were no where near the lake, but rather in a field surrounded by cow pies. My landing was much less successful than the take off as I was confused, a little nauseaus from the final round of acrobatics we did, and quite frankly trying to keep my shoes clean. After we got unharnessed, my instructor told me to wait and my friends would be landing soon. I was confused, as I had seen all my friends take off before me, but there was nothing I could do but wait. At one point I was taking a picture of someone landing and was told that’s not your friend, that’s a Chinese guy.

Eventually, my instructor got a phone call. My friends had landed somehwere else, but they would come to get us shortly. He said we’d go somewhere and wait for them. We literally went to what I think was someone’s house. There was a baby, an old lady, and chickens. I was starting to get worried. Right as we got there, this guy asked me what kind of phone I had and then I started panicking as my phone was my only connecting to the outside world. I told him I didn’t know, which obviously I know what kind phone I have, but I panicked. He took the phone out of my hand and plugged something in and said he was downloading pictures form the GoPro. I calmed down a little.

I sat there with the instrutor and the phone guy outside the house and they offered me some tea. Again panic set in as I was told not to drink the water unless it was boiled. I figured they must have boiled it to make the tea and I was hoping it would help my stomach, so I took it. It was very sweet and very delicous.

While we waited for the van to come we talked. I talked about how I was here for my friend’s wedding. My instructor was very happy she was marrying a Nepali guy and assumed it was an arranged marriage. I didn’t want to tell him, it was in fact not arranged, and that when I met this friend she was with an Abhisheik and was now marrying Abhinash, which was really an upgrade. We talked about America. The instructor said he always wanted to paraglide in America, but some areas were too sandy. I told him I didn’t think Chicago was too sandy, but it was flat. He seemed to not really see the point of paragliding then.

While this was going on, I was surprisingly calm. The whole 8 hour trip to Pokhara, I seen Nepali men sit outside houses and drink tea. So I figured this was probably the most authentic experience I could get.

Eventually, he told me he’d just drive me back to the hotel, which again made me nervous as I was traveling to a secondary location, but what could I do. In the van was myself, the instructor, and a bunch of other people who may have been paragliders or related to the baby. I will probably never know. They did drive me back to the hotel, and as I walked down the driveway, my friend’s husband Gary came out to meet me. Now, I like Gary, but I have never been more happy to see him in my entire life. I came into the hotel, and saw all my friends and more importantly, my purse with my wallet and passport.

After I got back from the trip, my life hadn’t changed. It would take months for me to find a new job and work through my grief, but I tried to remember the lesson I learned paragliding. If you just wait everything will work out.

I Basically Had to Social Distance Myself 12 Years Ago. Also My Immune System was Awful. Here Are My Tips.

Hi All! Hope you’re doing the best you can during the pandemic! I think we all know that these are scary times, so please practice social distancing. It will save lives!

Socially distancing is scary! I’m scared, you’re probably scared, and that’s ok, but we still need to do it.

About 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with a “decent sized” (my doctor’s words, not mine) benign, inoperable tumor. I got some chemo and radiation and am pretty much ok now. During those months of treatment I basically stayed at home. So, similar to what we’re all doing now. Here are tips for getting through it.

1. Don’t think too far in the future. Think about what you are doing today or tomorrow. Anything other than that is too much.

2. Don’t just watch TV, or do other screen activities. You will get bored quickly!

3. Find a hobby or craft. Something that will take a long time is preferable. Coloring is always a good option, if you can’t think of anything.

4. Read books. Long books. A series of book. Read more than just news stories about the Coronavirus.

5. Develop a daily routine. Honestly this helps a lot!

6. Do healthy things.

7. Get dressed every day. Shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, whatever you’d normally do. Do it.

8. Watch movies. They’re longer than TV shows and will therefore keep you interested longer.

9. Try to keep it light. Watch comedies! Read easy books. Now is not the time to read a novel about a dystopian future caused by a virus.

10. Try to relax. Listen to calming music, take a bath, get a meditation app.

11. Do things that give you comfort. I watched the Harry Potter movies more times during chemo than I think I have before or after, because they always put me in a good mood. Find something like that and do it.

12. It’s ok to regress a little. It’s normal during a crisis.

13. Make sure to stay in touch with loved ones. Do more than text. Call, FaceTime, etc.

14. Try to find something to look forward to each day. Even if it’s just cooking a dish I really love, find something.

15. Break up exciting things. Don’t call every friend on the same day. Split it up!

You will, for better or worse, get used to social distancing. I don’t know if that’s comforting or not, but it’s the truth.

So, the radiation really messed up my thymus, which really messed up my T-cells, which really messed up my immune system. It’s bounced back over time. Partially due to time, but partially do to a strong effort on my part to keep my immune system going strong. Outside of the normal protocols, here is my advice to get the best out of your immune system. I have no medical qualifications, so this obviously isn’t medical advice.

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night! If you do nothing else do this! Your body repairs itself when you sleep. When you don’t sleep you don’t repair.

2. Try to do 1 day a week without an alarm clock, so you can sleep as much as your body wants. Obviously this is hard to do with little kids.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and a variety of them.

4. Exercise, but not too rigorously. Exercising too intensely can hurt your immune system.

5. Try to be calm. Easier said than done.

6. Don’t get too cold. I know that viruses cause illness and not being cold, but if your body is spending all this energy getting warm it’s got less energy to spend on staying healthy.

7. Similarly, don’t sit around with wet hair.

8. Stay hydrated.

9. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

Good luck everyone. And if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out!

I Finally Finished Game of Thrones, and I have A Lot of Thoughts

Longtime fans, will remember that I started watching Game of Thornes (GoT) back when the last season was airing. This was due to 2 things 1. the only reason I didn’t watch was due to a lack of access to HBO and a friend gave me access 2. the “Who Will Get Killed Next Board” was literally 5 feet away from my desk at work and therefore I heard people discussing the show all day. So I watched the show knowing how it would end and knowing that everyone was disappointed. Here are my thoughts.

First of all, y’all need to calm down, the ending was not that bad. In fact I would say it wasn’t even bad at all. Was the whole Dany killing a bunch of innocent people surprising? Yes. Was it emotionally a lot? Yes. Did a take a couple week break after that episode to chill? Yes. Would I have preferred a few more killing the Tarly’s moments? Yes. Was it out of character for her? Absolutely not! The woman crucified 163 potentially innocent people in Meereen because of their social class. She basically did the same thing she did to Kings Landing to Astapor. So while it was surpring, it was not out of character. Obviously there were some differences (in both cases she was murdering slave owners, whereas there were no slave owners in Kings Landing), but she’s still capable for mass murder. I liken this to Anakin Skywalker in prequels. If we didn’t know who he was going to turn into, I think the events of Revenge of the Sith would shock us all (goes form arrogant young man who murders a whole village to avenge his mom to evil Sith Lord who murders small children and helps kill democracy), but we knew so we didn’t think it was as large of a jump. Nobody knows the exact moment before someone goes from hero to villian. One minute someone seems great with a few issues and the next they’re a villian. If we knew when, we would stop them before hand. I also think, she worked her whole life for this moment of taking back Westeros with fire and blood and they just surrender. It must have been such a let down for her.

I’m ok with Bran being King. Is he the most exciting choice? No, but you can’t hate him. No one is going to start a war cause Bran is King and that is what Westeros needs.

However, I don’t get how does Sansa get away will leaving Westeros. She’s just like, listen, the Northerners will only serve Northerners, so we’re leaving, even though my brother (also a Norrtherner) is King, we can’t serve him. And everyone is like, sounds logical to me Sansa?

Also Arya’s going to see what was West of Westeros felt pretty random, but I get that after all she’s been through she just can’t chill in Winterfell.

I literally LOL’d when they sent Jon Snow back to the Night’s Watch! I don’t get why people were upset about that. Jon is just a guy who wanted to join the Night’s Watch and have fun adventures North of the Wall. He accidentally winds up being the only guy who can unite everyone to save humanity. Now that he’s done, I’m glad he gets a second chance to have those adventures. Also, he doesn’t have to leave his dog and his buddy Tormund behind. The only other time I LOL’d was when Dany and John are introduced. I think how long her titles are and how short his are, says all you need about the two of them.

Yes, it’s sad that the Stark kids don’t wind up together, but I’m happy for each of them individually.

I was happy with everyone on the Small Council. Good for Brienne! Good for Podrick! Good for Ser Davos! Good for Ser Bronn! The man took an opportunity to fight for Tyrion and ran with it all the way to be the richest man in Westeros! What an amazing rags to riches story! I’m happy for Sam, but I don’t understand how he is still a Maester. He so boldly breaks his celibacy vows and everybody’s cool with it.

Did Lena Headley will all the awards for playing Cersei, cause she should? I literally felt bad for her when she died. Also, I don’t get why people thought her death was too random. She murdered a bunch of people in a terrorist attack and dies in another. That’s actually pretty good poetic justice.

Some Thoughts Unrelated to the Finale

The most unnecessary deaths are: 1. Walder Frey’s wife. There was no need for Catlyn Stark to do that. 2. Lady Lyanna Mormont. It was a cool death, but unnecessary for the plot. 3. The Hound. You tell Arya to give up on revenge, but you don’t? Also, thanks for getting Arya to snap out of it.

Stannis Baratheon deserved a much worse death. I was happy Brienne got to kill him, but he burned his daughter alive. I needed him to suffer. To me he’s actually one of the worst villians on the show. My thoughts about the Boltons are, if your family Sigil is torturing someone you just never had a shot of being mentally stable. Stannis did have a shot, and he chose evil.

How did Arya learn how to become an assassin and an amazing flirt in such a short amount of time? You can’t tell me the Faceless Men had time to teach her that. But girl has got game! Side note, I hated the Faceless Men. Too much for me.

My thougths on the battle with the Night King Why didn’t Jaime bring Wildfire to the battle with the Night King? Why can the Knight King ride a dragon? Is he a Targaryen? Why hide children, the elderly, and other non-fighters in the crypts when your enemy brings the dead back to life?!?! Why did no one give Bran dragonglass if you knew the Night King was coming for him?

Why doesn’t Jon realize he’s a Targaryen when he rides a dragon? He truly does know nothing!

When Theon was doing his Stark Family Apology Tour, I felt like all the Stark kids forgave him way too quickly! The man betrayed your family, which is basically his family. Let me get through his whole speech and leave him hanging for a minute before you forgive him.

Brienne should have gotten with Tormund. The man could not flirt to save his life, but he was way better to her than Jaime. Jaime may have knighted her, but Tormund was all like screw the patriarchy, which is a highly desireable quality in a man. Also, he wanted her around on every mission because he knew how powerful she was. You want a man who doesn’t fear your power. Jaime liked her in spite of what made her unique, Tormund liked her for it.

What exactly is the Three Eyed Raven? He obviously doesn’t know everything, if he didn’t know Jon was the true King. I feel like Bran just never explains it to anyone. My reaction to Bran being all Three Eyed Raven would be a cross between Sam (saying he doesn’t know what that is) and Tyrion (wanting Bran to tell me exactly what happened to him). Also, I think a somewhat omniscient king makes sense.

Why was the last Three Eyed Raven hanging out inside a tree for centuries? Life would have been easier for Bran if he hung out in Westeros. 1. People would know what a Three Eyed Raven is 2. Bran wouldn’t have had to travel so far. 3. They’d actually be safer from the Night King and Hodor might still be alive! Also, how does one get stuck in the roots of a tree. Move around a bit and they won’t grow into you. Side note, how do trees grow into people?

I’m actually mad with Ned Stark! He makes a big deal about how Joffrey can’t be King cause everyone is lying about his parentage, when he spent his whole life lying about Jon. First of all, tell you wife who Jon really is. She probably would have been nicer to Jon. Second, tell Jon before he vows to have no titles, that he should have The Title. Third, how could he still be friends with Robert, and name his son Robb, knowing the whole rebellion was built on a lie. Knowing that his sister never loved him. Knowing Robert started this whole rebellion because he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So awful. He’s not as honorable as we all thought.

Finally, I think Robert knew the kids weren’t his. I mean, how hard is it to figure out that if every Baratheon has brown hair and your kids don’t have brown hair, and your wife and her brother are “close” that something’s up. I think he knew, but didn’t care, and Ned should have talked to Robert before he messed everything up.

A Few Alternate TV Shows/Movies I’d Love to See

1. A sitcom about the Hound hanging out at the commune with those Hippies.

2. A romcom a la Bridgette Jones of Brienne, Tormund, and Jaime.

3. Gendry learns to be a lord a la The Princess Diaries.

The Dawn of Spring

I’ve talked a few times here about how I love holidays, but one of my favorite days of the year is the first day you realize spring is actually coming. That first day where its over 50 degrees, the sun is shining, and everyone is outside and happy. There are a few days before this when you realize winter is ending; the first time you hear birds singing in the morning, the first day you start your commute home from work and the sun is still out, and of course the first day you end your commute home from work and sun is still out. But still with all those days, spring is far away, too distant to really comprehend. This day is the first day you really realize spring is upon us.

Winters in the Midwest are long and hard and while I’m learning to enjoy the cold, get a sort of satisfaction out of surviving it, and get a morbid satisfaction texting warmer weathered friends exactly how cold it is, it’s not my favorite. But this day makes it all worth it. It’s a day of hope. A day where you realize that the dark and the cold will not last. Even though it will probably be snowing in 48 hours, it’s ok, because the snow will not last.

Another thing I like about this day is the juxtoposition. The first 50 degree day of fall is so miserable whereas the first 50 degree day of spring is so happy. You turn your heat on versus finally opening the windows to get some fresh air. You go outside as much as you can versus staying in. It highlights how perspective changes everything.

So enjoy the warm weather friends, because it will probably snow later this week!

31 A Year for Fun: Found a Craft

I’ve been looking for a craft for many years, without much luck. I like crafting. I like the creativity and skill that it involves. I like the idea of creating something new and beautiful out of other materials. I like having something to do with my spare time that feels productive, but isn’t work. I work in research, which involves a lot of precise and exact measuring. I’ve spent more time than I care to arguing the differences of 0.1% or less. I’ve even gotten passionate in some of those arguments! But I still wanted something for my life less precise and more creative (though one can get creative with statistics, let me tell you!). I tried adult coloring books, but could never get super into them, which makes sense since I wasn’t into children’s coloring books as a child. I then took a stained glass class at my park district, which while I’m proud of the finished product (pics below of all of my crafting attempts), stained glass is about precise measurement and cutting of glass and then shaving milimeters off of it so the picture fits together perfectly. So not the less exacting leisure activity I wanted. Also, if there is any chance I can make a small cut in my hand on a material, I will find that way. I used more band-aids making that stained glass than I care to count. I then found fabric crafts. Now, much like the Iron Born on Game of Thrones, I do not sew (I’m sure the Iron Born mean sow, but it’s a good pun!), but apparently a whole world of fabric crafts exist that involves no sewing! I first made a banging wreath out of some fabric. I then used the leftover fabric and some of my many, many old t-shirts from high school, along with some other old clothes to make a super awesome braided circle rug. I just sat around watched TV and braided fabric (I love braiding!). The only problem was, I didn’t read the instructions about making sure it would lie flat, so I had to fold it over to make it flat, and now have a super awesome braided triangle rug. The thing was, all these crafts felt like one-off activities and not something I wanted to make multiples of, until I discovered hooking, hook rugging that is.

Now, hook rugging was great in that it combined my love of Iron Born approved fabric crafts and the ability to make puns. One can say things like, “I hooked a bunch last night” or “I haven’t hooked in a while, so I really gotta get back on it.” The possibilities are endless. Now, you make ask yourself, what is hook rugging? Well, it’s taking pre cut lengths of yarn and using a hooking tool to knot it through a grid that creates a pattern. I found it to be fun, but not super exacting. It also took up a lot of time to finish one rug, but I could still see progress every day. It is exactly what I need in a craft. You may also ask, how did you learn about hooking? My mom hooked in her B.C. (before children) days. She did however, leave a Christmas tree skirt undone due to the children and the responisiblity that apparently entails. She tried to take it back up but her arthritis was too bad. You can’t hook with arthritis. So my dad took up hooking. Now he struggled with some of the shades of green when hooking at night so he was only a day time hooker. I decided to start my hooking at Christmas time as it seemed like the festive thing to do. I was hoping to finish by Christmas, but got too busy with the holiday season to really give hooking my all, so I finished in January, just in time to put it away for next year. I already have my next 2 rugs picked out. See some pics below.

31 A Year for Fun: Asked the Dishes about the Gray Stuff (It was Delicious)

Hi All! Here is my much anticipated last post about my trip to Disney! Even if you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, you’re probably aware there is a song in it called Be Our Guest. It’s a great song where Lumiere, an enchanted candle stick, and other enchanted objects sing a song about how Belle is their guest (that’s kind of a given with the title) and they’re happy serve her. This song is sung while they give her dinner, defying the Beast, their master who ordered she not be fed because she won’t eat with him, the man who is keeping her prisoner. So it’s a song about two things I love: food and defying bad social structures. Anyway, one line suggests Belle “try the gray stuff, it’s delicious, don’t believe me, ask the dishes.”

I need to take a moment and give a shoutout to my mom, whose IT knew to just come down cause there was no use guiding her over the phone. She used Disney’s website, app, and eventual phone calls to book all of our fast passes (faster entrance to rides) and dining reservations. And people are crazy about their Disney trips! She had to book these things EARLY in the morning when we were first able to and couldn’t always get what we wanted when we wanted it but she made it work! We got to do everything that anyone in our group expressed a strong desire to do.

Anyway, most of our group wanted to eat at the Beast’s castle. My mom got us literally the last reservation available. The food was stupendous! I had a fantastic salad with Ahi tuna and a poached egg, champagne (cause vacation 2pm is basically 5pm), and a cupcake with the infamous gray stuff.

I have to also give credit where it is due. My dad initially said he was going to ask the dishes about the gray stuff. I think he thought when he suggested it we’d roll our eyes but I was excited and determined to copy. So I ate my delicious salad in anticipation of the gray stuff. When our waiter brought it around, he started his bit about how the gray stuff is delicious but if we don’t believe him we could ask the dishes but my dad finished it for him. He was slightly stunned said we were actually one of the few groups to get the bit let alone want to ask the dishes ourselves. Come on America, be better! Have some fun! Live a little!

So, I asked the plate, how is the gray stuff, and it said it was delicious (Dishes there don’t actually talk. I was just listening to a silent unenchanted, non-sentient plate which in any other circumstance would be cause for alarm). I ate it and the plate didn’t lie (again not a talking plate)

Slightly unrelated note, I genuinely felt like I was in the ballroom in the Beast’s castle.

Bonus pic of me in Gaston’s tavern boot and all!

2020 Vision

Well, another New Year is upon us. As I’ve said before, I love holidays. Christmas is my favorite and New Years is my second favorite, so it’s quite the week for me. What I like about the new year is it’s a time to reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to be. I think it’s good to look back as change is slow so you forget how far you’ve come. I also like to look ahead and dream up crazy amazing things for my future. Critically looking at where you are right now can be tough. I did it and it was hard.

  • 2018 was a rough year for me. So I went into 2019 determined to make changes. I wrote down 3 things I wanted out of life. They were:
    1. To make the world a better place
      To be happy
      To be healthy
  • I then came up with small ways to get closer to those goals for my life. I wasn’t always successful and there definitely were some very rough parts of the year. Literally at one point life seemed so hopeless I just made a list of things that I seemed mildly interested in living for. It honestly helped a lot. I continued to work on my mental health and I think I actually did a pretty good job working towards my big 3 goals for 1 year and will keep working towards those in the coming year.
  • Now, I’d like to brag about some of the awesome things I’ve done this past year:
    • Went to Nepal where I saw Mt. Everest, saw the sunrise over the Himalayas, saw the sunset over the Himalayas, hiked with the Himalayas in the background, and finally saw one of my dearest friends get married.
      Went to Denver and saw the Rocky Mountains and Garden of the Gods
      Went to Disney World and had a really phenomenal time. Some of it I’ve blogged about. I’ve got one more post on it in the works. Stay tuned!
      Saw the Bazaar in Istanbul
      More traveling: Nashville and Albany
      Got a new job, that I love, where I really feel like I am working towards goal #1.
      Did 2 5ks (in one month would not recommend that)
      Found a craft I like – making hook rugs, probably a blog on that soon
      Did a storytelling event, probably a blog on that soon
      Started this blog
      Find things I could eat with IBS
      Donate my hair for the second time
  • Here are some ideas I have to achieve my goals in 2020:
    • Buy a condo – incredibly terrifying but I think it’s time
      Run a 10K once my foot ever gets back to 100%
      Do more strength training
      Do another storytelling performance
      Continue to make hook rugs
      Blog more, I’m going to shoot for twice a month
      Expand on my cooking skills and eat healthier
      Some smaller traveling
  • I hope you all take some time in the next few days to reflect. I wish you all a very happy 2020!